Yellow Warbler

Scientific Name: D

Pictures: (click for larger images)

Yellow Warbler Illustration.

-Photos by Jason Finley
-Illustration by Robert C. Stebbins from "Birds of the Campus" (1947) by Dr. Loye Miller.

Description: Small. 5.5" in length (beak to tail), slightly smaller than a sparrow.  These little guys have five yellow spots: rump (of course!), top of head (crown), throat, and one on each side just in front of their wings.  The yellow spots are brightest in males during breeding season (spring).  Females are always duller, but still have the yellow.  Most of the rest of their bodies are dark grey streaked with white, except for their bellies and undertails which are white. They have small pointy beaks which are characteristic of warblers.

Sound: Listen to a Yellow Warbler singing and calling!  Link is to the sound page for this bird from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology's All About Birds.

Commonality/Seasonality: Common in fall/winter only.  Absent in spring/summer as it migrates north.

Location: All

Notes: A



-Miller, Loye.  "Birds of the Campus, University of California, Los Angeles," from University of California Syllabus Series, No. 300.  Text by Loye Miller, illustrations by Robert C. Stebbins.  Los Angeles: University of California Press, 1947.



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